E&E Trees, Inc.


E & E Trees has a variety of wholesale live evergreens for you to choose from.  E&E Trees has been growing, planting, shearing, and digging trees for over 30 years.  E&E Trees offers a variety of live trees for landscapers, developers, garden centers, homeowners, businesses, etc. We have sizes ranging from two to 12 feet as well as select trees in pots.  E&E Trees welcomes tagging and inspection of your lives trees.  Delivery can also be arranged.  We also offer baskets and burlap.

Ken Willets and E&E Trees, Inc. are members of the Maryland Christmas Tree Association as well as the National Christmas Tree Association, the Maryland Nursery and Landscape Assocation, and the American Nursery and Lanscape Association.   E&E Trees' farm is State Inspected by the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

 We have a large number of white pine available in sizes ranging from 8-10' or 10-12'.  Please call for details!


For more information about our wholesale live trees, such as blue spruce, norway spruce, douglas fir, white pine, etc.  CLICK HERE!

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